I’m Sai Versailles, and I’m a journalist. You can find my reporting on Vice, Munchies, CNN, Huck, and other places. When I’m DJing, I just go by Versailles. I’m a resident on Refuge Worldwide in Berlin, and Manila Community Radio.

Cultural Learnings is newsletter that always starts with a question. Here, I sandwich small glimpses of my life with nuggets of knowledge. And when there are gaps in my experience, I invite guests for conversations and publish the interviews. I end each newsletter with “cultural learnings” to further your cultural learning: Books, articles, podcasts, memes, tweets, and factoids to pique the interest. Hopefully, by the end, you’ve found something resembling an answer.

Cultural Learnings is also a radio show, which is currently on hiatus. But when it’s on, each show is themed and spans an eclectic selection of sounds, diving deep into one genre, artist, soundtrack, or other subjects that tickle the fancy. You can explore the Cultural Learnings radio archive here.

At the very least, you’ll learn something new here. And that’s always nice, isn’t it?

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Sai Versailles

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