Oh, hey. Nice seeing you here. What brings you to this part of the ‘net?

What, me? Well …

First of all, I’m Sai and I’m a journalist. You can find my work on Vice, Munchies, CNN, Huck, and other places. Sometimes, I just go by Versailles, when I’m DJing. I’m a resident on Refuge Worldwide, in Berlin, and Manila Community Radio ... What type of music do I play? Ah, it’s hard to say. I dabble with a lot of genres. But that’s me and I’m besides the point.

I’m here because this is my little nook on the world wide web. Cultural Learnings is a monthly newsletter that always starts with a question. Hopefully, by the end, you’ve found something resembling an answer.

The questions I ask are mostly the unanswerable ones because those are always the most interesting. Like, what does it mean to process an experience? How much of yourself should you give to your art? What does it mean, as a queer person, to “come out?” Is the identity you’ve carefully crafted actually – dare I say – a myth? I answer these questions by sandwiching small glimpses of my life with nuggets of knowledge.

Because you see, I think there’s a real disconnect right now between the culture we read on our feeds and the culture of our daily life. Now, I'm not saying my personal experience is the baseline of culture, but it's the one I can talk most truthfully about. And when there are gaps in my experience, I invite guests for conversations and publish the interviews here.

I also end each newsletter with “cultural learnings” to further your cultural learning — books, articles, podcasts, memes, tweets, and factoids to pique the interest. Often times, my questions don’t arrive at a concrete answer, but at least I took you somewhere.

Cultural Learnings is also a monthly radio show on Manila Community Radio. Each show is themed and spans an eclectic selection of music, diving deep into one genre, artist, soundtrack, or other cultural subjects that tickle the fancy. It’s my place of respite when I’m fatigued from putting words together, and you can find the radio archive here.

So, that's what brings me here. At the very least, you’ll be curious and discover something new. And that’s always nice, isn’t it?

Oh, and this is Peanut, Cultural Learnings’ Library Dog. We hope you’ll stick around for a while.

Sai Versailles
Journalist, DJ


Sai Versailles
Multimedia Journalist & DJ www.saiversailles.com