Why is rediscovery underrated?

The tracklist from my film music show last Saturday, 16 August, on Manila Community Radio. Available for playback on Cultural Learnings and Mixcloud.

Last Saturday, 16 August, I went live on Manila Community Radio as Cultural Learnings for the first time where I talked about twenty-three films for two hours, showcasing the moody vocals and instrumentals behind them.

Listening back to this show now, it brought me full circle following an interview I published last week with Angela Stephenson. Angela is a London-based photographer, filmmaker, former Boiler Room producer, and, most recently, DJ under the alias Angelita. (She contributed a guest mix too, featuring what she calls her “sexy aggressive” sound — from UK garage and drill, to French hip-hop.)

Like me, she started DJing during quarantine after many years of sitting on the idea. Aside from discussing the creative differences between making images and mixing music, as well as the delight of pursuing new hobbies, something else from our conversation struck me — namely, this renewed excitement we felt towards discovery. This feeling was already hard to come by before the world closed itself off, and it is something artists, especially DJs, constantly have to keep fresh, albeit with difficulty.

While discovery can mean unearthing something completely new, which often feels impossible in a world saturated with recycled or “unoriginal” ideas, I find the act of re-discovery to be truly underrated — a fact I learned radio is the perfect outlet for.

Words could not describe how excited I was to put this show together. It includes a selection of film music newly discovered during quarantine, but also many that have been on rotation for years. Producing this brought my beloved world of movies and music under holy matrimony, solidifying, as opposed to weaning, my love for them.

I feel proud to bring you this audio version of Cultural Learnings — something I have always wanted for this platform. So, thank you so much to all those who encourage me to do what I do here.

As always, let me know if you learned something new or if there is something you want to hear more of. I’m all ears, all the time.

This show is also available on Mixcloud.

Click here to read the prelude of this show, which asks: “why do we watch films?”

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Manila Community Radio - Sunday, 20 September 2020
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