About Cultural Learnings

Cultural Learnings is a newsletter and radio show on the cacophonous world of contemporary culture.

Each issue is introduced with a question, followed by commentaries in the form of analysis, links to relevant material, and memes. Hopefully, by the end, you’ve found something resembling an answer.

About Me

My name is Sai, and I’m a freelance journalist specialising in cultural reporting. My work has been published on VICE, Munchies, CNN, HuffPost, Huck, among others.

I am currently a resident host and DJ at Manila Community Radio under the alias Versailles where I cover a wide spectrum of genres — from baroque-style film instrumentals to hypnotic acid techno. 

I also co-founded Edsa, a collaboration exploring the intersections of food and creativity. You can subscribe to Delicious Creativity, our newsletter featuring interviews with cultural and creative figures from around the world.


Cultural Learnings was born out of frustration towards how some traditional publications curated their “Culture” sections, jumbling them haphazardly with features based on generic press releases or listicles on the top ten things to do in your city this week. 

Yet, to me, writing and reporting about culture stems from something more substantial; it bridges discussions in academia, literature and the media on how our day-to-day interactions fit into the current zeitgeist.

Thus, with Cultural Learnings, I hope to provide you, readers, with the tool kit for analysing the flux of your modern lives. In doing so, I dabble in debates on the difference between “hard” versus “soft” news by giving a “bigger picture” on local stories or providing factual, investigative commentaries on “human interest” pieces. 


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